Instrument leasing

From whichever angle you approach the issue – educational, pastoral, financial or the strategic business perspective – optimal performance of the instrument fleet should be a primary target for any educational establishment. Having better instruments of the appropriate quality, in perfect condition, available to your students more of the time, is good news for the student, the music teacher, the bursar/finance director, principal and marketing team alike. A well-managed instrument portfolio, with a planned maintenance and renewal/replacement schedule delivers: •Better academic results •Greater musicality •More confident performance •Positive enthusiasm for practice •Better use of capital •Distinct competitive advantage

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  • The Main reason we want to work with Duet is that we have found an organisation that understands music making, musicians and the resources required to inspire creativity.  When it comes to Duet, you’re not speaking to a bank, finance company, or manufacturer: you’re speaking to a music services company that shares musicans’ values at a profound level.

    Prof. John WallacePrincipal, Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
  • At the Royal Northern College of Music we believe and invest in the energy between students, artists, and audiences and we provide a rich variety of courses which train musicians to a professional level. Our partnership with Duet is entirely in tune with our mission. Duet provides world class musical instruments for our teachers and students whilst delivering the highest level of integrated servicing and maintenance.

    Prof. Jonty StockdalePrincipal, RNCM


Maintenance of your instruments lies at the heart of our Leasing and Managed Services business. With a fully documented service scheme for musical instruments, Duet ensures your fleet is delivering the best artistic quality possible. Such a service, of course, has to reflect your particular requirements including repertoire, student learning curve, and local environment. Our service specifications deal with both preventative and remedial maintenance from a task as simple as tuning a piano to rebuilding a chapel organ. Duet’s clients know that when they entrust their instrument fleet to us, they are assured of instruments working to the optimum level of musical standards.

  • It’s been a cost-effective, sensible way to – almost instantly overnight – improve the whole fleet of pianos. We now have good pianos across the school. Certainly it’s been a tremendous benefit for us to work with knowledgeable people like Jonathan and his colleagues in assisting with choice of instruments, what instrument might work well in particular buildings and spaces, and having confidence that the instruments that we now have are being extremely well cared for.

    David WoodcockDirector of Music, Harrow School

Managed Services

Focus on artistic creativity
While many instruments are built to last a lifetime, most provide their best artistic performance in the earliest years. By upgrading fleets with newer instruments, our leasing schemes remove the burden and cost of running an old fleet – our clients only pay for the benefit they gain from their instruments in the first few years and not 
the lifetime cost.

Our leasing services remove the risk and burden of obsolescence, dilapidation, repairs, servicing, and maintenance of instruments from our clients who are left only to enjoy the artistic benefits. Our service transforms client access and affordability to the best music facilities.

Tailored solutions
Following a consultation, we will design a scheme that uniquely meets your requirements. No detail is omitted – from payment schedules to upgrades and maintenance, everything about the package is tailored to suit your unique needs.

Our range of services
Managed Services A full-service leasing package where we supply and maintain a fleet of professional-grade instruments specially designed to meet your exact requirements. This service also provides the option of “always new” instrument renewals and upgrades.

Finance Leases Finance-only packages with flexible repayment profiles designed around your budget, for you to acquire instruments and facilities.

Leaseback Service We acquire your existing instruments from you and immediately lease them back to you. This can be used in conjunction with either of the aforementioned services or as a stand-alone service in its own right. Leaseback enables you to release the capital in your existing instruments to finance new initiatives or the expansion of existing facilities.

Examples of our financing

A typical school of 900 students(Purchase Value of £350,000)

  • 1 x Steinway Model D concert piano
  • 2 x Steinway Model B teaching pianos
  • 4 x Yamaha C3X practice and teaching pianos
  • 6 x Yamaha U1 upright practice pianos
  • Annual servicing 
  • 3 x tuning per piano per annum 
  • Total Cost per annum £23,900
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A typical small school of 300 students(Purchase value of £130,000)

  • 1 x Steinway Model B concert piano
  • 2 x Yamaha C3X teaching pianos
  • 5 x Yamaha U1 upright practice pianos

  • Annual servicing 
  • 3 x tuning per piano per annum 
  • Total Cost per annum £8,700
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