Maintenance of your instruments lies at the heart of our Leasing and Managed Services business. With a fully documented service scheme for musical instruments, Duet ensures your fleet is delivering the best artistic quality possible. Such a service, of course, has to reflect your particular requirements including repertoire, student learning curve, and local environment. Our service specifications deal with both preventative and remedial maintenance from a task as simple as tuning a piano to rebuilding a chapel organ. Duet’s clients know that when they entrust their instrument fleet to us, they are assured of instruments working to the optimum level of musical standards.

  • It’s been a cost-effective, sensible way to – almost instantly overnight – improve the whole fleet of pianos. We now have good pianos across the school. Certainly it’s been a tremendous benefit for us to work with knowledgeable people like Jonathan and his colleagues in assisting with choice of instruments, what instrument might work well in particular buildings and spaces, and having confidence that the instruments that we now have are being extremely well cared for.

    David WoodcockDirector of Music, Harrow School